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Do unto others

Each one of us have something which we can offer to help humanity and enhance their lives. We all have varied talents and giftings the fact that Almighty God placed within us to use for typically the advancement of others. So everyone is important. This is vital to understand if we intend to treat people as we should. Indeed, God demands that many of us do unto others as we would have them implement unto us. This is known as the Golden Tip. Notice that it does not say, “do unto others while they do unto you. ” It does not say, “do unto others when they have done unto you. ” It says that we should treat others like we desire to be treated. All of us want to feel wanted, proper? Each of us desire to feel respected and maybe, needed. If this is how we want others to improve us, we should be the first example of this type of behavior.

It is a known fact that no two people are exactly alike. Each of us have our own list of fingerprints. This makes all of us unique. And that uniqueness is what gives each of us a special place currently. Wow.

When we look at how the Lord Christ Christ actually treated people, we will come to the conclusion that He purely loved them. He spoke to them with a heart of compassion for them. He touched and ministered to their needs and so honored them that they did not strive to be away from His Presence. Jesus loves people.

Likewise, we should love each other and show one another likely wanted and needed. There are so many people who’re longing to feel wanted. They hurt within because they reckon that nobody loves them. If you have been told that you’re most likely worthless and that you will never amount to just about anything, you realize how hurtful those words were to your soul. This is what so many people are experiencing now.

If there were those around them who taken care of them, maybe they would not have lived in depression for such a long time.

I too, have likewise experienced the feeling of simply being unwanted and unnecessary. The mental torture and misery that is felt is beyond words to describe. But the cure for doing it was simply that I needed someone to tell me which was loved, appreciated and wanted. I just needed someone to contact me and make me feel special. This would need sufficed.

Look around you. Is there someone who must hear an encouraging word from you? Is there somebody crying for you personally attention, not desiring a hand-out, but desiring to be told that they will be somebody and that they have a Divine Purpose as? And don’t look far away either. This very person or these persons may be living in the house with you.

Make a firm decision today that you may attempt to do something nice for someone else, at least once a month, with no desire to receive anything back from their site. Make the decision that you choose to treat people like you like to be treated. Loving and caring for others without the ulterior motive, will always result in others loving and taking good care of you as well. Do unto others

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